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Bar Bacchus (Glassford Street)

8.30 pm / £4

Thursday, September 6th

les club des chats!

Formed in 2004, Le Club des Chats is a guitar/drums/singing duet and much more. Its line-up includes Maïa, former member of Putrella Forever and Guillaume (aka Le Chevalier de Rinchy), former member of Cartouch. They play what can be described as "chaotic pop" or "rock for cats," short and minimalist songs that tell bizarre yarns about hysterical cats in clumsy English. Le Club des Chats creates a universe that is not only musical, but also visual. It involves numerous drawings, videos and unique hand-made items.

watch them here!

Wall Street Ammunition Hero hove into view sporting deceptively rational verses, becoming more unhinged bridges and google-eyed frenzy choruses. Low-end guitars and fuzzy bass recall 64 Slices of American Cheese mid-90s genius like Magoo, rattling off Devo and Slint on the way – hi-scoring musical pinball.

Bo deadly… Specky punk finally has a home, and that home is the dynamic Bodeadly. Who would have thought that a mutual respect for Bo Diddly and Elvis Costello would produce the frantic and conflicting pop musings that blaze enthusiasm and vigour like no other of the same vein.

Vars of Litchi are one of the most, dare I say it, original bands to have come from Glasgow in years, warm far eastern rhythms married to a more classical American indie rock guitar sound. It would be an insult and a push to compare them to X or Y bands or artists, they surely exist all on their own. Having recently supported Six Organs of Admittance in Nice ‘N’ Sleazy their exciting live set is impressing more people all the time

To listen to “Molehill” by Le Club Des Chats please come this way!

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