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[18 Feb 2010|06:03pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

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Now Fans Choose The Music! [10 Nov 2009|02:55pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The future of the music industry is here: now fans choose the music! The revolution that was started by Oswald band is happening now!

It's all about choice: Do you like when somebody else decides what you should listen to? Do you like the pop stuff that's falling on you from TV screens? This was the problem, the guys from Oswald were thinking about, and they found the perfect way to change this situation. They decided to let their fans choose what the band's next single will be. The fans were asked to vote for their favorite Oswald song and their voice has been heard!

So now, when the voting is over we can proudly say - Oswald fans became a part of the newest music industry model which puts fans first!

"Flying To The Ground" - is powerfull and full of strong emotions, it brings an important message for the souls of people. It is a very melodious song with powerful lyrics. The fans chose, and Oswald delivered. But you better just give it a listen for yourself. Enjoy!

Url: http://www.official.oswaldtheband.com/

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Not long to go - Tokyo manga-punks! [04 Nov 2009|03:34pm]

Hey all! After a great set in Whitby at the Res and a crazy journey north to Aberdeen afterwards, Psydoll are taking a well-earned rest before they'll be heading to Edinburgh and Glasgow! For full details on the Edinburgh gig, click the image below!

Remember Psydoll also play Glasgow on Friday with The Paraffins and Metaltech!

Friday the 6th of November
The 13th Note, King Street
Doors 9pm / £4

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A full page feature on Oswald appeared in Scottish Daily Record [23 Oct 2009|06:38pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

A full page feature on Oswald appeared in Scottish Daily Record on Friday the 23rd of October. The Scottish Daily Record is Scotland's biggest newspaper and is also sold in countless countires around the world.

The article is written by John Dingwall, who claims "Oswald are set to make an impact on Scottish music"! In the article Tom discusses the bands music and journey to where they are now, as well as the band's connection with their fans, how they picked the band name and touches on Little Soul.

Read the full article

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Japanese manga-punks playing Scotland in November. [18 Oct 2009|08:16pm]

Hey all! Manga-fuelled Japanese punk-robots "Psydoll" will be playing Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow this November. Check them out www.psydoll.com and www.myspace.com/psyberdoll then come along and catch them live at:

Monday the 2nd of November
Drummonds, Aberdeen.
8pm / £5
Support from Metaltech + Beats of Rage

Thursday the 5th of November
Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh.
8pm / £4 or £3 with NUS ID.
Support from Metaltech

Friday the 6th of November

13th Note, Glasgow
9pm / £4
Support from The Paraffins plus TBC

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Oswald - new release from UK indie-rock scene [12 Aug 2009|03:58pm]

"These guys are gonna be huge. Genuinely fresh and original sound with a great old school filthiness. Love it." (c) Chris O'Dowd said. And I agree with him.

Oswald is a new and perspective band from Glasgow, UK.
This three guys r making rly awesome music. Their first single "These Days" voted Single of the month on BBC Radio.
Oswald fully recorded three new songs last week at Konk Studios in London. This was the second time the band has used Konk to do their recordings.

I suggest u 2 listen their new tracks on their official - www.official.oswaldtheband.com/ .
Just give this a shot and tell whoever reads this and know about this band.

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The Paraffins - "Cardboard Cutout" 3 inch video single out now [19 Feb 2009|01:07pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Cardboard Cutout is the debut single by The Paraffins, a new act from the little known Scottish outpost of Knockentiber.

Based around Billy (occasionally of electro duo Electroluvs) with a shifting cast of guests, The Paraffins utilise rusty stringed guitars, prehistoric beatboxes, warped melodicas and more to create scratchy, catchy and often danceable primitive pop.

This microscopic 3 inch single also features a selection of videos including a retina-frying animated promo for the title track by Gay Against You's Yoko Oh No, a salute to the Mael brothers plus a 'live' remix by Mr Luggs (ex-Nyah Fearties) filmed on a nearby planet...

Get it here:

"Casio keyboards, glitch ridden beats and a near-whispered delivery make this near-transcendental; when it builds up you suddenly find yourself in a totally new headspace, and it’s refreshing…" Subba Cultcha.com

"“Toughest Girl In Town” is effectively a tribute to Phil Spector and the beat generation played out on a Sega Mega Drive - and that’s no easy achievement." Music Dash.co.uk

"The Paraffins surprised me. Most bands with their resolutely DIY ethic try hard and end up sounding eager, but often end up falling short because the tunes are missing. The Paraffins have them and know how to use them too." A New Band A Day.com

See some Paraffins videos here:


Plus, a more melancholy side of The Paraffins can be heard on Filthy Little Angels' latest compilation My Filthy Valentine downloadable for nothing from here:

All further Paraffins info can be found at http://www.myspace.com/theparaffins

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[09 Jan 2009|10:43pm]

If you're in Edinburgh, check out Black Velvet, a quarterly independent rock/pop-punk type magazine that's on sale in Word Power in Edinburgh or can be ordered online to be delivered to your door.

Each issue has a cover price of only £2.

The current issue is:

More info is at www.blackvelvetmagazine.com

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fundraising gig this Friday! [12 Nov 2008|07:07pm]

Hello, just to let you know that the Glasgow Feminist Network will be putting on a gig this Friday in celebration of our first birthday to raise funds for the Women's Support Project, a charity providing support services to women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence. It's five pounds to get in for three great bands, and all proceeds will be going towards the charity. Come along!

gfn medium

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[09 Aug 2008|10:22pm]


Sunday August 24th

THE LOVED ONES (Philadelphia, USA.)
Fricken' awesome anthemic punk-rock'n'roll/americana from Philly, USA on Fat Wreck Chords.
ex-Paint It Black/Trial By Fire/Explosion, fresh from a US tour with The Hold Steady
play their ONLY NORTHERN UK non-Festival show (they're playing Leeds fest, and a bunch
of Southern dates) Still touring on the back of their latest record 'Build & Burn'..

COP OUT (Sheffield, UK)
Steel City punx ripping off Lifetime in the best
humanly possible way. Split 7" with TCOL out
before the end of the year.

Melodic punk pop, a lot like old Florida/No Idea
Records bands (Fifth Hour Hero/Bitchin') etc, with
a strong UK punk feel (Crackle Records, etc) Split 7"
with Cop Out out before the end of the year..


at The Star & Garter
Fairfield St, behind Picc. Station
7.30pm start, £6 on the door.


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[05 Jun 2008|01:15pm]
5 июня, ирландский паб Doolin House (Арбат, 20), 20:00, бесплатный вход.

В честь праздника пива всех пришедших ожидает акция-сюрприз!
The Burns
The Fingies

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Ladytron tickets? [12 May 2008|01:04pm]

It's a long shot, but does anyone have a couple of Ladytron tickets for tomorrow night at Oran Mor that they're not going to be using anymore?

There were some left on Friday, but not today.  Rubbish.

becky dot carlyle at gmail dot com


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Intervals. Free gig. Bar Bloc. May 5th. [01 May 2008|06:09pm]


Intervals (www.myspace.com/thehardtimesareover)- Bursting with beautiful melodies and cinematic sounds, with a touch of melancholy. Mesmerising music to get lost in.

Bronto Skylift (www.myspace.com/brontoskylift)

Teresa Banks (www.myspace.com/teresabanks)

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Late May/Early June Shows? [28 Apr 2008|10:25pm]

Hello there!

I'm planning a visit to Scotland, end of May or June. Could anyone tell me of some good shows that would be coming up, and where I could catch them? Anywhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow would be fine, as I am visiting family in Falkirk. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as well as the cost if possible.

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free scottish indie-pop! [23 Apr 2008|03:00pm]

Free MP3 from new Scottish outfit, The Second Hand Marching Band

“A Dance To Half Death” a fresh MP3 to download from The Second Hand Marching Band, the latest band to spring up from the outskirts of Glasgow. Comprising of twenty members who play everything from guitar and ukulele to saxophone and trombone to create rousing folk music which has so far taken comparisons from the eastern folk Beirut to the chamber pop of Belle & Sebastian. So far their live sets have been received with enjoyment and bemusement from the sheer scale of the operation.

Several gigs are in the pipeline, a few of them shall be outdoors, hoping to take advantage of the unpredictable Scottish summer. To check when the latest shows are feel free to the myspace for the band.

Do let them know what you think.

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Glasvegas [06 Jan 2008|11:43pm]


For those of you interested in Scottish Indie music, I invite you to join a brand new livejournal community dedicated to 'Glasvegas', one of the best bands from Glasgow around at the moment.


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Top bands for a pub/club [22 Nov 2007|12:42pm]

Hi all
I've been chatting to friends of mine lately and discovered that although we have pretty similar music taste, we all came up with different bands that we'd want to hear in a pub/club. So I'm kind of interested...which bands would you most want to hear on a night out? Are they the same bands you listen to most at home/car/wherever or do you want to hear different things when you're out?

My top 10, if you're interested...Collapse )

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twee? [15 Nov 2007|04:07pm]


Bearsuit - Stop-start boy-girl cutie-killer six-piece with everything from cinematic waltzes to catchy electro disco and hard punk screaming riot grrl noise. A mix of Belle and Sebastian, Huggy Bear, and Sonic Youth with electronic twists and turns, and screamy art punk.

Now for some words from the great man himself (R.I.P)

"In an era when almost everything is quite like something else, Bearsuit are not quite like anything." John Peel

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Punk Off - Charity event in Edinburgh 28/11 [07 Nov 2007|06:03pm]

Charity fund raiser for Shelter Scotland on the 28th Novemeber at Bannermans

There will be two bands on;

Sad Society (http://www.myspace.com/sadsociety)
"'where the fuck did these guys come from?' They produce ultra-confident, addictive, anthemic punk rock, brought to us with that distinctly Scottish disregard for subtleties or arse-licking"

supported by Billy Liar (http://www.myspace.com/billyliarmusic)

"the vicious, spiked belligerence of The Pistols in full copulating deviancy with the gentler, deep thinking soul of The Cure's acoustic manhandler Robert Smith"

It is £4 on the door or £3 for Edgar members. All proceeds go to Shelter Scotland

Come along to support the local music scene,or Edgar, or Shelter or just because you like beer. It will be fun.


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a gig tonight [04 Nov 2007|04:02pm]


doors open 8 pm

(if you cannot print this flyer out - feel free to hand draw it)


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[08 Sep 2007|08:01pm]


Things We Love Issue 2

Niyi, The Teenagers, George Pringle, Bigger Than Barry
Untitled Musical Project, Kate Moross, Subb_An, Daft Punk
plus fiction, opinion and top design.

click here to pre-order now

Just £1 plus free one hour mix ft
Foals, Kap Bambino and much more.

visit our myspace page

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tomorrow! [05 Sep 2007|06:46pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Bar Bacchus (Glassford Street)

8.30 pm / £4

Thursday, September 6th

les club des chats!

Formed in 2004, Le Club des Chats is a guitar/drums/singing duet and much more. Its line-up includes Maïa, former member of Putrella Forever and Guillaume (aka Le Chevalier de Rinchy), former member of Cartouch. They play what can be described as "chaotic pop" or "rock for cats," short and minimalist songs that tell bizarre yarns about hysterical cats in clumsy English. Le Club des Chats creates a universe that is not only musical, but also visual. It involves numerous drawings, videos and unique hand-made items.

watch them here!

Wall Street Ammunition Hero hove into view sporting deceptively rational verses, becoming more unhinged bridges and google-eyed frenzy choruses. Low-end guitars and fuzzy bass recall 64 Slices of American Cheese mid-90s genius like Magoo, rattling off Devo and Slint on the way – hi-scoring musical pinball.

Bo deadly… Specky punk finally has a home, and that home is the dynamic Bodeadly. Who would have thought that a mutual respect for Bo Diddly and Elvis Costello would produce the frantic and conflicting pop musings that blaze enthusiasm and vigour like no other of the same vein.

Vars of Litchi are one of the most, dare I say it, original bands to have come from Glasgow in years, warm far eastern rhythms married to a more classical American indie rock guitar sound. It would be an insult and a push to compare them to X or Y bands or artists, they surely exist all on their own. Having recently supported Six Organs of Admittance in Nice ‘N’ Sleazy their exciting live set is impressing more people all the time

To listen to “Molehill” by Le Club Des Chats please come this way!


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Free stuff is COOL [21 Aug 2007|06:15pm]

Up now! For FREE! Music from Thee Moths

'The Need' - super limited debut album from 2002, only 100 CDR copies were made and those have loooong gone.

'A Small Glass Ghost' - the follow up to 'The Need', came out in 2003 on vinyl. Still available and you should buy it...but here it is anyway!!

'Sand In Our Pockets' - EP on Total Gaylord Records, USA. 4 tracks of lo-fi fuzz pop and clattering rhythms.

Also you can hear three tracks from the forthcoming 'Sparrows and More Sparrows' album.

You can still get 'Nature' on iTunes and here, and 'Glytchvölk Musique Concréte' on iTunes and here.

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a charity show [08 Aug 2007|10:02pm]

Kidney Research Charity Show


Golden Ghost (New York) with Viking Moses (Missouri, but everywhere really)

Les enfant Bastard

13th note, glasgow, August 14th / 9pm / £5

We have a fundraising show, for Kidney Research UK, a wonderful charity who aim to “do research that focuses on the prevention, treatment and management of kidney disease. The charity also dedicates its work to improving patient care and raising awareness of kidney disease”

As with most other illnesses often people first give their kidneys much thought when themselves or a loved one has been diagnosed with renal failure, this charity helps people through this dark and worrying time with offers of free impartial medical advice that is free from jargon as well as offering information and support through various leaflets and DVDs. For everyone from those with minor disease through acute and end stage malaise. As well as the vital work that goes into investigating the causes and possible cures of kidney disease.

Thankfully due to huge advances in research treatment such as dialysis has made many people who would not be alive today lead relatively normal lives, however dialysis becomes a huge part of your life and ultimately you have to plan holidays and weekends away round what is sometimes a painful daily procedure, there is still work to be done :

I think you will agree it is a very worthwhile cause.

Kidney Research UK Website

Raffle! With BIG prizes including generous donations from the band Ballboy and the store Debenhams

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[30 Jul 2007|10:03am]



Hear The Recovery Club..

The Liquid Ship..

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tonight! [25 Jul 2007|08:16am]


The A Forestare a band from Dundee who sound almost like no-one in Britain, perhaps the world. Their debut single received nothing but compliments from everyone from the NME to Is This Music? They wowed at the Homegames Festival of Fence records earlier this year. They are rather twinkly.

Continuing with the theme of Scottish artists doing music their own way come Boyfriend/Girlfriend the guitars are fuzzy… the vocals are shouty… the intensity gets furious and then breaks down into something that will move the person who always talks through gigs into shutting the fuck up for once and paying attention to some great pop music.

Vars Of Litchi are one of the most, dare I say it, original bands that we have heard in years, warm far eastern rhythms married to a more classical American indie rock guitar sound. It would be an insult and a push to compare them to X or Y bands or artists, they surely exist all on their own.

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saturday! [20 Jul 2007|11:57pm]


Hailing from the town of Gympie, Australia Darren Hanlon‘s musical education began young with a neighbour introducing him to a great variety of artists including The Smiths, he played in bands for a few years before finally releasing his own music on the highly influential Candle Records imprint.

His latest album “Fingertips and Mountain Tops” recorded in a period in which Darren was recovering from serious illness finds him to be in an intensely creative period, a man at his song writing peak. Recorded in a silent movie theatre and featuring contributions from contemporaries such as Jesse Sandoval from The Shins and Mark Moonone from The Lucksmiths, his songs are both eclectic and fantastic.

Having already toured the united states with cult indie darlings The Magnetic Fields and finishing this summer with a set at the highly influential popfest in Athens (along with Daniel Johnston and Tullycraft), Georgia this intimate set at our wee local 13th Note promises to be spell binding.

Support comes from local folksters The Tempus Fugitives and the ethereal Ceylan Delikanlimember of the Parsonage Choir.

Also as it is out birthday expect there to be free cakes, balloons and cheer

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/slashdot. saturdays - weekly drumnbass/electro/techno and indie/punk/newave [09 Jul 2007|10:42am]

After an absence of over a year and a half, The Honeycomb, now known as 'The Hive' makes a welcome return to the Edinburgh clubbing community.

Whilst The Honeycomb specialised in dance, at 'The Hive' we're keen to establish nights that can create synergy between both the electronic/dance and indie/alt crowds by taking full advantage of our twin rooms. It's all about mixing it up, taking a wrong turn in the maze of rooms, and discovering something you never knew you would like. An audio clash of sorts.

Launching on Saturday 14th with a whole host of familiar faces spread over 2 genre-spanning rooms, our new night, /slashdot, epitomises this concept.

Rotating guest DJs sourced from already established local nights will offer an authoritative voice on their respective genres. The first month alone will see Split, Bass Syndicate, Manga, Dogma, Obscene and Access man the main room playing DRUM AND BASS/ELECTRO/TECHNO/BREAKS, while Room 2 sees The Goulag Beat, Fast, Dogtooth and I Fly Spitfires provide INDIE/PUNK/NEW WAVE.

Read more...Collapse )

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this thursday! [08 Jul 2007|04:42pm]

July 12th



go-ra-g promotions

Sleeping States… a musical project undertaken by Markland Starkie, a Midlands-born artist who has so far spent the first half of his twenties living, working and studying in the Big Smoke. Having grown up learning various instruments and classical music theory, Markland became enamoured with the possibilities of noise in a musical context and began experimenting with noise in various bands, including noise-pop outfit Kaito (Mute). After moving to London, and feeling a subsequent sense of dislocation, Markland began a series of home recordings of short songs from the heart that were more minimal in both volume and arrangement, with vocals and melodies that took more of a central role. Sleeping States was born.

Picking up support from artists as varied as Klaxons and Grizzly Bear, his set promises to be fantastic

Sleeping States did a live telephone interview with steve lamacq on BBC 6 Music on Friday, it has often be said music sounds better on the radio, especially BBC radio (is it audio compression?) so feel free to listen to it!

Supporting are Eagleowl from Edinburgh and Glasgow’s very own Hyena

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BEARDSTOCK [01 May 2007|04:06pm]


Glasgow’s finest music and arts magazine, Beard, and VGB concerts present an unforgettable all day musical extravaganza on Saturday 19th May 2007! This is not just a standard gig; it is an event, with bands, solo artists, exhibitionists and nutters let loose in at Glasgow’s finest venue, the 800-capacity The Arches. Inspired by inclusive community ethos of the Green Man Festival, 1960s happenings at the UFO club and the diverse programming of Glasgow festivals as Triptych and Instal, there will be DJs, talks, projections and original artwork.

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