Alex Botten (theealex) wrote in indiescotland,
Alex Botten

Free stuff is COOL

Up now! For FREE! Music from Thee Moths

'The Need' - super limited debut album from 2002, only 100 CDR copies were made and those have loooong gone.

'A Small Glass Ghost' - the follow up to 'The Need', came out in 2003 on vinyl. Still available and you should buy it...but here it is anyway!!

'Sand In Our Pockets' - EP on Total Gaylord Records, USA. 4 tracks of lo-fi fuzz pop and clattering rhythms.

Also you can hear three tracks from the forthcoming 'Sparrows and More Sparrows' album.

You can still get 'Nature' on iTunes and here, and 'Glytchvölk Musique Concréte' on iTunes and here.
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