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a charity show

Kidney Research Charity Show


Golden Ghost (New York) with Viking Moses (Missouri, but everywhere really)

Les enfant Bastard

13th note, glasgow, August 14th / 9pm / £5

We have a fundraising show, for Kidney Research UK, a wonderful charity who aim to “do research that focuses on the prevention, treatment and management of kidney disease. The charity also dedicates its work to improving patient care and raising awareness of kidney disease”

As with most other illnesses often people first give their kidneys much thought when themselves or a loved one has been diagnosed with renal failure, this charity helps people through this dark and worrying time with offers of free impartial medical advice that is free from jargon as well as offering information and support through various leaflets and DVDs. For everyone from those with minor disease through acute and end stage malaise. As well as the vital work that goes into investigating the causes and possible cures of kidney disease.

Thankfully due to huge advances in research treatment such as dialysis has made many people who would not be alive today lead relatively normal lives, however dialysis becomes a huge part of your life and ultimately you have to plan holidays and weekends away round what is sometimes a painful daily procedure, there is still work to be done :

I think you will agree it is a very worthwhile cause.

Kidney Research UK Website

Raffle! With BIG prizes including generous donations from the band Ballboy and the store Debenhams
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