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The A Forestare a band from Dundee who sound almost like no-one in Britain, perhaps the world. Their debut single received nothing but compliments from everyone from the NME to Is This Music? They wowed at the Homegames Festival of Fence records earlier this year. They are rather twinkly.

Continuing with the theme of Scottish artists doing music their own way come Boyfriend/Girlfriend the guitars are fuzzy… the vocals are shouty… the intensity gets furious and then breaks down into something that will move the person who always talks through gigs into shutting the fuck up for once and paying attention to some great pop music.

Vars Of Litchi are one of the most, dare I say it, original bands that we have heard in years, warm far eastern rhythms married to a more classical American indie rock guitar sound. It would be an insult and a push to compare them to X or Y bands or artists, they surely exist all on their own.
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