stephanie ina allan (ana_saba) wrote in indiescotland,
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Hailing from the town of Gympie, Australia Darren Hanlon‘s musical education began young with a neighbour introducing him to a great variety of artists including The Smiths, he played in bands for a few years before finally releasing his own music on the highly influential Candle Records imprint.

His latest album “Fingertips and Mountain Tops” recorded in a period in which Darren was recovering from serious illness finds him to be in an intensely creative period, a man at his song writing peak. Recorded in a silent movie theatre and featuring contributions from contemporaries such as Jesse Sandoval from The Shins and Mark Moonone from The Lucksmiths, his songs are both eclectic and fantastic.

Having already toured the united states with cult indie darlings The Magnetic Fields and finishing this summer with a set at the highly influential popfest in Athens (along with Daniel Johnston and Tullycraft), Georgia this intimate set at our wee local 13th Note promises to be spell binding.

Support comes from local folksters The Tempus Fugitives and the ethereal Ceylan Delikanlimember of the Parsonage Choir.

Also as it is out birthday expect there to be free cakes, balloons and cheer
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