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/slashdot. saturdays - weekly drumnbass/electro/techno and indie/punk/newave

After an absence of over a year and a half, The Honeycomb, now known as 'The Hive' makes a welcome return to the Edinburgh clubbing community.

Whilst The Honeycomb specialised in dance, at 'The Hive' we're keen to establish nights that can create synergy between both the electronic/dance and indie/alt crowds by taking full advantage of our twin rooms. It's all about mixing it up, taking a wrong turn in the maze of rooms, and discovering something you never knew you would like. An audio clash of sorts.

Launching on Saturday 14th with a whole host of familiar faces spread over 2 genre-spanning rooms, our new night, /slashdot, epitomises this concept.

Rotating guest DJs sourced from already established local nights will offer an authoritative voice on their respective genres. The first month alone will see Split, Bass Syndicate, Manga, Dogma, Obscene and Access man the main room playing DRUM AND BASS/ELECTRO/TECHNO/BREAKS, while Room 2 sees The Goulag Beat, Fast, Dogtooth and I Fly Spitfires provide INDIE/PUNK/NEW WAVE.

The opening night on the 14th of July brings two of the heavyweights of the scene together for a tête à tête as former Dogma DJs Nomad & B*Wilder go up against G*Mac and DJ Believe from Manga and Bass Syndicate.

With an ethos of keeping the prices low, and the quality high, the night offers free entry until midnight and £5 after. Drinks will be available from £1.50 all night. For the occasional free entry and complimentary drink thrown your way you can also join our guestlist at www.myspace.com/clubhive.

Every Saturday
The Hive
15-17 Niddry Street
Free Entry before 12 / £5 after
£1.50 Drinks All Night



14th July - G*Mac & DJ Believe (Bass Syndicate), B*Wilder & Nomad (Dogma), Chef de Party (Red Star Institute)
21 July - techno, electro - Pyz & Ingen (Split, Access), Ricky Palys (Beatroot), Cave Sedem (Red Star Institute)
28 July - breaks, dnb - Dave Lowe (Obscene, Split), Brainstormer (Breakstorm Recordings), Dangerous & Luka (Red Star Institute)
4 August - techno, electro - Patrick Walker (Axionix Records), Absolute Chancer, KMG (pins & needles), Dee Mond (Pyrate Music), Jamie Ross
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