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this thursday!

July 12th



go-ra-g promotions

Sleeping States… a musical project undertaken by Markland Starkie, a Midlands-born artist who has so far spent the first half of his twenties living, working and studying in the Big Smoke. Having grown up learning various instruments and classical music theory, Markland became enamoured with the possibilities of noise in a musical context and began experimenting with noise in various bands, including noise-pop outfit Kaito (Mute). After moving to London, and feeling a subsequent sense of dislocation, Markland began a series of home recordings of short songs from the heart that were more minimal in both volume and arrangement, with vocals and melodies that took more of a central role. Sleeping States was born.

Picking up support from artists as varied as Klaxons and Grizzly Bear, his set promises to be fantastic

Sleeping States did a live telephone interview with steve lamacq on BBC 6 Music on Friday, it has often be said music sounds better on the radio, especially BBC radio (is it audio compression?) so feel free to listen to it!

Supporting are Eagleowl from Edinburgh and Glasgow’s very own Hyena
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